Those who’s been around me for a while know, that since the beginning, about 5 years ago, this blog changed form many, many times to reflect my interests and journey at the moment.

I feel it’s time now for a new beginning. Initially, I started writing in English, then switched to Romanian and now I decided to continue in English once more because this makes it possible for me to connect with a bigger number of people who share my interests.

The decision to start writing again was prompted by two things: a good friend kept insisting I should resume it, and I read a very interesting blog ( where several women are talking how much they spent in a month and what they did during that period.

It struck me how mechanical and routine-ish life looks like when one makes a summary of what they did for a day/week. And my life is not much different. My passion is living a meaningful life and help people explore their full potential. However, nowadays, I don’t feel that I’m aligned with that purpose as much as I wish .

So, because I work as a manager in my every day life, I decided that the best way to solve the problem is to make a list of things that I want to achieve/experience, and hold this is a reference, while logging what I actually do every day. My goal is to push myself into this introspection of what happens with my life every day to for a whole cycle: 365 days. To see how I spend one year of my life and what I actually did to meet my goals.

So here is the list of things I wish to achieve. The order is random.

1. Make three 10 days vacations/year in complete formula. Currently, we only do one approximately 7 days holiday.
2. Travel somewhere every two weekends (city breaks) in complete formula. Currently we leave the city about once a month.
3. Become a better parent. I don’t have an exact way to measure the changes here, but I will be able to evaluate the general happiness increase.

4. Find more meaning in everyday life. Also don’t have an exact way to measure, but will be able to evaluate general daily satisfaction increase.

5. Later edit 14 August 2018: produce less trash.

Initially, I added in the list stuff about loosing weight and going to the gym, but then decided to remove them because I seemed to only want this as a nice idea, but one I never actually made happen. Which means it was not as important as I thought it was, so it got out. I only kept the things that fill me with anticipation and enthusiasm every time I think of them, and not the things that feel like punishment.

So I guess this loosing weight part will happen naturally while travelling and running after my son 🙂

Small list, but very important for the overall happiness of my life.

I’ve put in Daily logs the contents of each day.

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