Log 24 of the search for meaning quest

This morning started with a new round of challenges on quitting the negative mind chatter.

But also with a new discovery. I finished reading last night the 4th book of Orson Scott Card’s Ender series: Children of the Mind. And there was a part, a discussion between 2 characters who thought their planet was to be destructed. They talked about death, about people enjoying the journey of being human and pretty much summed up a very good description of life meaning: Here it is:

“[…] What difference does it make then, the ones of us who had plans, what does it matter the work we’ve done? The children we’ve raised?” He looked pointedly at Olhado. “What will it matter then, that you have such a big happy family, if you’re all erased in one instant by that….bomb?”

“Not one moment of my life with my family has been wasted,” said Olhado quietly.

“But the point is to go on, isn’t it?” To connect with the future?”

“That’s one part, yes” said Olhado. “But part of the purpose is now, is the moment. And part of it is the web of connections. Links from soul to soul. If the purpose of life was just to continue into the future, then none of it would have meaning, because it would be all anticipation and preparation. There’s fruition Grego. There’s the happiness we’ve already had. The happiness of each moment. The end of our lives, even if there’s no forward continuation, no progeny at all, the end of our lives doesn’t erase the beginning”. “But it won’t have amounted to anything,” said Grego. “If your children die, then it was all a waste.”

“No” said Olhado quietly. “You say that because you have no children Greguinho.  But none of it is wasted. The child you hold in your arms for only a day before he dies, that is not wasted, because that one day is enough of a purpose in itself. Entropy has been thrown back for an hour, a day, a week, a month. Just because we might all die here on this little world does not undo the lives before the deaths.”

Grego shook his head. “Yes it does, Olhado. Death undoes everything.” Olhado shrugged. “Then why do you bother doing everything Grego? Because someday you will die. Why should anyone ever have children? Someday they will die, their children will die, all children will die. Someday stars will wind down or blow up. Someday death will cover us all like the water of a lake and perhaps nothing will ever come to surface to show that we were ever there. But we were there, and during the time we lived, we were alive. That’s the truth- what is, what was, what will be – not what could be, what should have been, what can never be. If we die, then our death has meaning to the rest of the universe. Even if our lives are unknown, the fact that someone lived here, and dies, that will have repercussions, that will shape the universe.” […]

I think this is a beautiful description of life meaning.

Of letting go of expectations, of controlling how things should unfold.

PS: I totally recommend you to read the whole Ender series, they are a fantastic story of the human character.

Psst: Did this story connect with you in some way? Let me notify you when a new one is out

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