How does the future look like to you?

This is a post I wrote back on 24 February 2016 on my previous blog. I love it even now and wanted to bring it with me here.

Have you ever wondered how will the world look like in some decades from now? I think about that quite often, with mixed feelings: with awe because I’m a very curious person and I love how new discoveries in all science areas improve our lives, and with a lil bit of fear (ok insert a little bit more fear here) because well…I’m gonna have many more years behind me. I do imagine myself as a sexy (yup yup), witty, elegant old lady but…the fear feeling is still there. Now…brushing off melancholy, I’m gonna go to the more fun part of this story. I’m gonna tell ya all boys and girls, what I imagine we’ll find in this mysterious future of ours: In about 20 years from now…


1. The first that comes to mind is actually a classic one: I think all cars will be able to drive themselves (the option exists nowadays but it is not widespread) and people will be allowed less and less to take manual control of their vehicles. I thought about this ever since I saw this cool 2004 Will Smith movie I,robot (a must see if you’re asking me) where this very concept was introduced. It would definately solve a lot of issues, like having to get a driver’s license, saying no that beer with friends because well…you need to drive home afterwards.

However, like with all things, I like the idea of having a choice over what you want to do. There are many people around me that truly enjoy driving as a way to relax. For me, my car means only a means of transportation (a really nice one though): I really appreciate the protection it offer in rainy or snowy days or when I’m just running late, but…driving it not one of the areas I’m most passionate about. I prefer when someone else does it (like with public transport) because I get a little bit more time to read, chat with my lady friends, read the news or check my Facebook account. 🙂


Knowing how to code in some language will be as important as it is right now being able to do basic operations on a computer. Since we use technology more and more in our everyday lives (most of our work day is spent in front of a computer), I think it will be just as normal (and expected) to be able to communicate with that technology in a way it can understand and respond. For many folks, the thought is totally scary. But, try thinking of it as learning a new foreign language. If you get past the idea that coding is just for geeky geniuses that live in a totally different universe, it might even get a little bit fun. (don’t start throwing with those eggs at me just yet :p)
I admit, this is something still on my goal list so I’m not quite there either. But…still on the list.


We could be able to see TV shows like 3d holograms. Imagine how it could be to be virtually in the first row at a designer presentation or if you’re a guy, to be able to actually be in the middle of a football game with the players running all around you. Crazy!

If that sounds totally like chinese to you (assuming you don’t know Chinese, that is) you can get a grasp of what I’m talking about here.

Fun game idea for you or to play with the little ones: Did you know you can create a basic 3d hologram with your phone? If you’re curious, you can find the how-tos here.


3D printed organs will be used as mass market solution to a very wide range of purposes: from printing our clothes based on a file sent by the online shops you like (instead of waiting for days in a row to be shipped that hopefully perfect fit dress), to solve the issues caused by long transplant lists, as all organs will be created to be compatible with one’s DNA (which, to be honest, is such an awesome thing).
Even building and decorating a house will be “affected”. Imagine how awesome it will be to see that perfect coffee table “being born” in your living room and under your eyes. Honestly, I can’t wait for this stuff to become more affordable and commonly used. My wardrobe is waaaaaiting 🙂
Note: 3d printing (for objects, medical purposes, etc) exists nowadays but it is not mass affordable or mass known.


Last but not least on the list:my son Levi will be 20 years old… A cool guy just finishing college, going to Uni and heading to his very own path in life. Sigh! OMG! This thought makes me go fill myself a glass of good wine. Cheers to that!

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