Log 22 of the search for meaning quest

Today I decided to steer away any negative chatter from my head. I posted a quote by Lisa Nichols on Instagram: “Stop listening to the negative chatter inside your head”. And now I wanted to put that into action.

I do host a tremendous amount of negative chatter. I have all kinds of fights with people inside my mind so I let so little space for dreams, positive stuff and hope.

It’s been a challenge so far because negative thoughts are triggered by all kinds of stuff which I’m gently showing off each time I consciously remember what I wanted to do.

It’s a process that will take time, but I already start to feel it’s unburdening effects.

I also started being more conscious about what I eat. I became aware that what I eat becomes an actual part of me. That I’m filling my vessel with all the things that I put in.

That doesn’t mean I don’t eat bad stuff anymore, sometimes the urges to do that compel me, but I am more aware now. And I think this is the first step to making better choices. We’ll see.

It also came to me how much I need friends and people that are interested in the same things I am.

I always thought I was weird because I could not fit in and be like everyone else, but now I know there are other people out there preoccupied of the same stuff I am on personal development and I hope this blog and my Instagram will help me connect with them. I’m sure my small gang is waiting for me somewhere to discover them. 😊

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