Log 29 of the search to find meaning – Trip to Europe

As the trip is already over for a week now, I need to get going with journaling it before the details fade altogether.

So here it comes:

Day 7: Verona/Gardaland

The principal point of interest of the trip was going to Gardaland. But what I didn’t expect was that the journey has been so so wonderful that the main point has been actually everywhere we went. The whole journey itself.

We stayed in an old convent building that has been beautifully restored, called Relais Sant Agata which is a 15 minutes drive to Gardaland and 15 minutes drive to Verona, but it’s not very easily accessible without a car. We loved it so, so much. The building and room were the most beautiful accommodation so far and the host has been nothing short of amazing herself. They even washed and tumble dried a bag of dirty clothes for no extra charge. This place is great for kids as they also have a nice terrace, garden and inflatable pool.

We were to Gardaland in the evening and with lunch and all we ended getting back in at around 11 looking extremely forward to hit the pillow.

Day 9: Gardaland

This day was only for adventures and fun in the park. We got the tickets online because they had better prices there. We also had to take a priority pass (60 euros) because one day before I stayed 1h 35 for a 45 seconds roller coaster. (!!!!!)

With the pass, we only stayed 5-7 minutes in the line for each thing and was totally worth it. Especially when Levi fell asleep in the stroller after lunch and we got to take turns on who goes to what fun.

All in all, the day was magic . There is so much fun to be had by 3 year old in the park! There are entire sections dedicated to their age group that a kiddo could stay a few whole days there without getting bored.

We had dinner at the place where we had almost all our meals besides from breakfast: Antichi Sappori (a 5 minute drive) and took some time to relax after a full beautiful day.

Day 10: Verona

Verona was not in our visit plan but our host told us so many times that we should see it, that in the end we did.

We enrolled for the free walking tour and our guide Jane was the best we’ve met so far in the free tours. She managed to make the 3 of us to walk 6 km to see Verona and then pointed us to an amazing restaurant where I ate some of the best pasta I’ve ever had. Forgot the name of it though 🙁

Day 11: Zagreb-Belgrad

We left for Zagreb early in the morning after breakfast. We stopped there for lunch and was amazed to see how many healthy options were there as compared to everywhere we’ve been in this trip.

We had an amazing meal here, stretched our legs and continued to Belgrad.

In Belgrad we found the best accommodation and food we’ve had so far in Garni D10 hotel

We stayed there for 2 days and did almost nothing other than play, eat good food and sleep.  We postponed visiting till next time we’ll get here and it was so so relaxing.

Day 12: Bucharest

We left early after breakfast to get back home. And had the unfortunate idea to drive faster than the legal speed. Behind us, a non-marked police car, which we didn’t know it belonged to the police, flashed Alex from behind. He thought that was a speedy driver and speeded himself to go in front of the guy on the lane next to us.

However, it seemed it’s a nasty trick of the Serbian police to squeeze more money out of tourists. Because they flash you from unmarked cars to make you speed to get out of the way, then film you with bigger speed that you initially had when they decided to follow, and then there is nothing you can really do at that point.

If you don’t want to waste long hours to pay a fine, totally be careful on the Serbian roads. We added 5 more hours to our trip and 250 euros minus.

But in the end, the only important thing was that we had a great trip. Much better that I would have ever imagined. And that we got home all right and with great memories and longing to be on the road again.

And we bonded so much, the three of us. Travel does open one’s eyes, mind and soul. I felt I became more patient, more calm, more involved, more into the flow.


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