Log 30 of the search for life meaning journey

I found myself again in my habit of procrastination. Although this “should be daily logging” helps me tremendously put my mind in order, observe myself and evolve, I can’t seem to be holding on to it.

Procrastination and I are, as you may imagine,  not new acquaintances. I saw that I had the tendency to leave things to the last minute and even though I have the habit of leaving an impeccable work behind, this way of doing things add lots of stress in the equation. So I think I’ll need to add a performance indicator about this too 🙂 Because once I start the writing, I love it so much! but until I get to that….

On making healthier choices:

Just before we left the house the 3 of us took some immunity treatment based on bee products.

This morning I ate a cheese pastry with a looong plain espresso so I’m having a lot of water after. I have a few days since I want to find something healthier to eat in the mornings.

Had a cooked veggie plus raw salad lunch, another coffee and plenty of water.

I think I do my 2 liters before leaving work.

On travel:  this weekend I’ve been the godmother to the wedding of my dear dear friend Simona (17 years of friendship – seems like forever!) and her lovely husband Alex which happened in another town, Ramnicu-Valcea. We’ve stayed at the only museum hotel in the country and this place was fascinating. Pieces of art like paintings and statues were everywhere from the reception, to the halls and the rooms. And there is an equally beautiful park just outside. It’s called Grand-Hotel Sofianu – totally recommend.

I got myself some pretty cool pictures for memories from this wedding. Like this one here with my lovely rented dress from dresscod.

On becoming a better parent: I don’t know how, but I feel I have a better relationship with my kiddo.  I also remained behind on the parenting course  by Urania Cremene, that helped me a lot to better understand the psychology of children and people in general – so resuming is on the to-do list.

On finding life meaning:  At this point in time, traveling with Alex and Levi helps me bring most sense in everything. I would love to be able to take a year off and travel with them around the world. I feel I really need this. Still thinking how to make this happen.

On producing less trash: I’ve done a lot of things to reduce my trash print, but some things still seem to elude me: like how to have clean water that you are safe to give to your 3 years old, while traveling and which does not come from a plastic bottle?

So far I’ve managed this:

  • I take my Ikea glass bowls with me to buy lunch and ask the server to put my to do meal in there.
  • I use a menstrual cup and reusable pads
  • I use solid soap, usually in paper packaging instead of plastic liquid soap
  • I don’t use make up and my face thanks me for it. I recently also gave up the cleanser and toner, because using a cotton pad every day sensitized my skin. I now wash my face with plain cold water and my face is much happier. And no longer so dry. Before, I had to take some cream with my because in the afternoon my face would become so dry that it felt it shrank a number. Now I’m perfectly comfortable until my night cream moment. So less pads, less toner and less cleanser in the trash. Not to mention the more money in my pocket thing and those guys were not cheap.
  • I use organic detergents and house cleansers which gives us less chemicals to process through our bodies and less chemicals that pollute the water and soil.
  • I buy from the farmers market as much as I can and do my best not to forget to bring my own bag with me when doing that, so I can refuse the plastic one they offer.
  • I have a 750 ml glass bottle on my desk for my daily water intake.
  • We use a quite fancy water filter at home to avoid bottled water
  • I use rental services or things borrowed from friends for events attire that I know I won’t be able to wear more than once or twice.

Looking at it, it doesn’t seem bad at all, but there are still a lot of things to do.

See you tomorrow.



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