Log 32 of the search for meaning quest

My country’s current government wants to make a referendum to decide that a family is composed only between a man an a woman and not between spouses as it was by now.

I can’t help but wonder: people will not stop loving who they love because of a law. And turning away from something some people do not want to see because they were programmed to “know” otherwise, does not make it disappear. How will this actually help with creating a better society for everyone if some people are right and some people are wrong in what they are?

From the general well fare and economic point of view, a person who is denied their rights can only get frustrated and accumulate feelings that does not help them as a person, does not help the people around them and in the end, does not help society as a whole.

People that are happier in their life are better with those around them and more efficient in what they are doing. Unhappy people are well…the opposite of that. Rather than deny people a right, a relationship that is going to happen anyway, I would integrate them into society and have them contribute to make it better. Like other countries do.

If something is going to happen anyway, it’s better to make it a win-win for everyone, the person and the society/economy.

Division and us are better than this group of people [because insert reason] brought great tragedies in the past for a lot of minorities.  The interesting question is: do we want to focus our time on something that will be the norm  anyway? or focus on building a better future using everybody we have and get a good chance to live to actually see it happen?

I don’t know about others, but I’m game for the second one. I think people will have their rights to do whatever they want about their love life anyway. And I will always believe in everyone having equal chances. So there goes my vote to everyone minding their own business and rather find ways to help children go to school, help other social causes, do something that actually brings value to the world. I rest my case 🙂

On healthier habits:

I am happy to say that nowadays I have my IKEA glass bowl with me when I buy lunch and managed reduce by a whole lot the plastic I was throwing out in the trash for this meal., daily. And I’m happier on both sides: that I don’t eat from plastic, and that I don’t throw away things used only for 30 minutes that will take hundreds of years to decompose.

On better parenting: I realized today that one of the best things I do for my child is working to become a better human being every day. Read, open my mind, see things, stretch my limits…the kind of things needing continuous effort but are totally worth it in the end.

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