Log 35 of the search for meaning quest

On meaning: I started thinking again about doing interviews with people I like. This time it will be on centered about the life meaning and the meaningful things in life. I already contacted a few of the people I had in mind to start this project with, and I can’t wait to show it here on the blog.

I also put more thought every day into the things I want to have in my life, rather than frustrating over the ones that are not the way they should be. It’s so obvious this is the best way for a peaceful mind, but also so challenging at times.

On travel: As I mentioned in one of my previous posts next week I’m going to Tunis with work. I’m gonna be away from Alex and Levi for a whole week and I start to miss them already just by thinking about it. But…it’s a new thing to do.

On making healthier choices:  Today I ate a cheese pastry with coffee for breakfast, a small mushroom quesadilla with coffee for lunch, coffee again for break and there will probably be pizza for lunch as we’re going out to celebrate Alex’s mother anniversary.

Not proud of my choices, but logging them makes me more aware and less able to refuse to look back at what happened. I’m good with the water intake though.

On throwing less trash: I’m happy to say that buying my lunch in my ikea glass bowl became a habit. Now I’m proud to take my glass bowl out of the reusable cotton bag while staying in line, hoping that others will see this new possibility of doing things and might wish to take it as example.

And that is all for the day. 🙂 See you tomorrow.

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