Log 37 of daily life meaning

First of all, hello again. It’s been a while 🙂

Second, I decided to change the title of my posts from “searching for the meaning of life” –  to a simpler form –  which nowadays is more in line with the fact that with all that search, there seems to not be a specific purpose, end goal for it (life), other than actually living in the present moment of every day.

This revelation, thought, name it as you will, sunk more into my mind this Friday 19 Oct, while reading some materials on the subject.

I need to say that this released quite a bit of tension about how things are “supposed to be”. When I decided that there is no specific purpose that I could find through intensuve search, other than living each day in the present moment, things relaxed a bit. No more need to control everything to get to a specific outcome.  No more living only with the future in mind.

When I took all that away, the only thing that remained was to enjoy every day as much as possible, because there is no expectation. Like a movie in which I am actor.

This does not mean I don’t plan for the future anymore. I do. I think about what I want, I put it down like I did with the Start Page on this blog, then I stop obsessing about it. I like to review them regularly, one or twice every two weeks to evaluate progress, I don’t try anymore to control how I get there. The focus goes to living on my own accord. Indulging myself in smaller or bigger pleasures.

This also brought me to the realization that I can’t plan or manage my personal life in the same manner I manage my teams.

Last weeks have been quite a busy time, with 2 more new people in my team, training, and an ISO 9001 audit. There has been a lot of thinking on my side but none of it actually made it in writing to this space. But more insights about this on the morrow.

Take care and thanks for reading my journal

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