Log 40 of daily life meaning

On meaning: This post is about loaded and kinda impossible questions.

What do you do when you see a loved one taking a decision that seems to have all the chances to go wrong? You let them go as they choose, while knowing that you will will need to be involved when/if things go south? Suffer with them, loose sleep and energy yourself to support them when the eventuality happens? Or you intervene in force and try to control the outcome?

It is fair to intervene in the choices of an adult?

This is a loaded question in so many ways.

Is it fear for what might happen to the other that motivates us, our some internal fear for ourselves, for how we might feel should the worst case scenario become reality the one that drive us?

If you would ask me this question casually, about how I would proceed, I would say that everybody is entitled to their own choices. They need to follow their path and unless the path leads to mortal danger, an adult should have the option to live with the consequence of their action and work through it to learn. It seems fair on an not to meddle with someone else’s life (exclude minor kids of this, I am not talking about them). All good and nice. Everyone gets their space and their control over themselves.

But what do you do when the decision of one also affects the others? How much can you let the other person do as they want knowing that it will affect you?

In the family group, as the ties are so close, it happens often that the decisions of one affects the whole group.

What do you do? Is letting everyone have their will still a valid option in reality? Where is the balance?

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