Log 39 of daily life meaning

On parenting: This weekend we’ve decided to take Levi (and us of course) to see a puppet theater for children. I’ve never been at such an event from the perspective of the adult by now.

It’s been a nice way to spend time on a rainy Sunday. The stories were nicely adapted. One of the them was about an emperor who had 3 sons, and they took turns on guarding an apple tree that made golden apples, because each year someone came and stole them. In the original story, the one I knew as a child, the first and second born children were troubled persons, vain and they ended up badly, while the smallest of the brothers was good, hardworking and eventually got all best things in life (which didn’t make me feel so great about myself being a bigger sister). This nowadays version was nicer in many ways. The big brothers were still vain and faulty but they managed to slay a dragon each, and find themselves princesses and a kingdom. Everybody got a happy end except the dragon. There’s much improvement in the mentality of this story after 25 years. And that can only make me happy.

I can’t stop thinking though how much I would have loved to see in the father figure a wiser person and one that is closer to his kids, maybe get a glimpse of a mother that is independent and forward thinking, see the bigger brothers go do personal development to solve their problems. Ow, and have them negotiate peace with the dragons and create space for collaboration. Would that make for a boring story? Umm, I don’t think so. Even peace brings a lot of challenges and controversy. But I can’t stop yearning for characters that are not in the extremes. Good versus evil. People are complex, they have better parts and parts that don’t serve them so well, and parts that hurt others. I can’t remember who said it but there’s a little remarkable saying I read somewhere: “Everyone is right given their model of reality”.

I yearn for better stories to tell our kids. A better world is first created in our minds before it becomes reality.  The thought of re-writing such a story in a different way kept crossing my mind. 🙂